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10 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Who says New Year resolution goes into vain? Who says to be fit, you need to spend a huge amount on the gym?

We have discovered the 10 best exercises to lose weight and eliminate the excesses of work pressure on you.

No need to spend hours and money at the gym to have a firm and toned figure. Here is a collection of the best exercises for losing weight that is easy to do at home, or you can say from your comfort zone.

If weight loss can be done from no diet and enjoying the best food and above all with the comfort level, then it is the best combination one could ever get.

So, Combine them and practice them two or three times a week – in sportswear or even in pajamas, in the morning before heading for the shower!

Do you have an excessive tight schedule? Nothing can stop you: We are always with you, stay fresh and comfortable during your workout.

‘What are the best exercises to lose weight ?’

This is something we do very often in the writing of Men’s Health. It is true that there is no single answer to this question since it depends on the health and fitness of each one, but there are certain exercises that burn fat more efficiently than others.

Best of all, they are nothing complicated to do, learn the technique well, get the right equipment and start with a lot of motivation.

Here we leave you to know 10 of the best exercises to lose weight that you have to include in your training from this moment.

You can adapt them to your current physical condition and training level, adjust the load and do it according to your level. Make sure that each exercise has enough intensity to increase your heart rate and, to some extent, challenge you a little more every day. They are a mixture of cardio exercises, combined with strength and maintenance, attentive because here we leave you the best exercises to lose weight.

1. Swinging with kettlebell

Why: it is one of the best exercises to end abdominal fat and expose the ‘six-pack’. You will also exercise gluteus, hip, and quadriceps. Once you pick up the rhythm, your heart rate will increase and the fat will start to burn alone.

How: bend your knees, keep your back straight and start balancing the kettlebell between your legs to shoulder height with your arms stretched.

2. Boxing shadow

Why: it is a perfect cardio exercise, you work your legs and arms and you should include it in any bodyweight training.

How: put yourself in a guard position and start simulating a fight with hitting and dodging.

3. Deadlift with barbell

Why: There are a few things that this combined exercise cannot do for you. Being a combined exercise, you will burn fat while you give your muscles cane. Vary the grip technique so your forearms don’t get tired before your legs.

How: Hold the bar with the grip of your choice, place your hands at shoulder height and, with your chest and look straight ahead, lift the bar.

4. Boxed jumps

Why: because the simplest exercise is usually the most effective and, jumping over the box, increases your heart rate, challenges you to do it more and more complicated and more times. As for advice, you can do this exercise with the Tabata method, so it will be more fat burning.

How: stand in front of the box, pick up momentum and jump over the box. You can help your arms to jump higher.

5. Jump rope

Why: have you ever seen a boxer with a belly? This is due in large part to the fact that one of the most practiced exercises is jumping rope. In addition to being the perfect warm-up, you start the body and the pulsations begin to rise. One of the best things about this exercise is that it is impossible not to challenge yourself to make one more jump or make it more complicated.

How: grab the rope and jump.

6. Burpees

Why: With just ten repetitions of this exercise, it is proven that your metabolism accelerates as much as if you did a 30-second sprint. The result: you burn a lot of calories.

How: stand up, squat down and put yourself in an iron position, return to the squatting position and get up jumping in the air, and repeat.

7. Dumbbell squat

Why: if squats are already a great exercise to crush calories, imagine if you also add weight with a dumbbell. The effect is greater and also your legs and buttocks will be toned in a moment.

How: Hold a dumbbell at your shoulders and, with your eyes and chest in front, do the squat.

8. Hit with a medicine ball

Why: Well, for two reasons, the first is that it is a perfect exercise to free yourself from stress in the gym, and the second is that the more power you use to give the ball the more calories you are burning.

How: hold the medicine ball and, with all your strength throw it against the ground, repeat.

9. Back squat

Why: the squat is a fundamental exercise to burn fat and, if we also add weight, we are enhancing this in addition to strengthening our back and arms. Compound exercises are the ones that you have to consider the most. A large weight load is not necessary, even if it is small it will already activate your metabolism.

How: separate the feet at shoulder height by holding the bar at the back. Lower by squatting and squat with your head up and your back straight.

10. Kettlebell lifting squat

Why: This exercise is a combination of isometric training with weight and thrust. Do not let your simple appearance fool you, after a couple of repetitions you will notice how your muscles burn, and you’re fat too.

How: hold dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells at the level of your shoulders, lower by doing the squat and as you go up, extend your arms up. Be careful with the movement, that the weight is not destabilized, the important thing is to do it in a controlled way.


You have slacked enough now if you want to get back in your Extraordinary Strong form or maybe want to start something new related to fitness. These are the best exercises you can perform. Remember; keep a detailed track of your every workout followed by a proper healthy protein-filled diet. You can try different variations of these exercises; it will enhance your fitness and give you something new to explore. Start slow, do fewer reps first, it will help your body to adjust to the new movements and avoid injury. An injury at the beginning phase can damage your fitness journey.

These exercises are a mixture of strength, cardio and core training. These can be performed by beginners as well as advanced fitness enthusiasts. You can also use weights along with the exercises.

Best of luck for a new beginning. And you, what exercises do you do at home to lose weight? Tell us by leaving your comment below