11 Deadly Foods that can Cause Cancer

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Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. People from all age groups, gender, and ethnicity can suffer from cancer at any stage of life and if not recognized and treated on time, it can cause death. Many factors contribute to cancer like exposure to hazardous chemicals, heredity, smoking, alcohol abuse, irregular bad eating practices, sedentary lifestyle, etc. Different types of cancers that can occur are the stomach, thorax, liver, etc.

Amongst these, some are modifiable factors that contribute to cancers like dietary habits and lifestyle factors. We can surely change them and move towards a better life and prevent the chances of cancer.

Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells and tissues leading to the growth of tumors. Tumors can be of 3 types: benign tumors, pre-malignant tumors, and malignant tumors.  Benign tumors are not cancerous and they spread very slowly and can be operated and removed. Usually, they don’t convert into malignant ones. Pre-malignant tumors cells are not yet cancerous however they have chances of becoming cancerous. In malignant tumors, the cells are cancerous and spread very rapidly into the affected area or organ. They need to be treated on time with radiations, chemotherapy or surgical removal from the place of its growth.

Diet plays a very important role in prevention as well as in the development of cancerous tumors. In this article, we will see such deadly foods that can cause cancers associated with mouth, liver, and stomach. Avoiding the excess consumption of these foods is the only key to prevent cancers since they increase the chances of developing cancers in the long run.

1. Processed meat

Bacon, salami, and sausages are the processed forms of meat that are consumed by many people on a daily basis. However, these processed meats pose the danger of developing cancer in later stages of life. Processed meats undergo many chemical and physical changes in their manufacturing. Chemicals used to make these processed forms are carcinogenic in the long run and pose the risk of cancer. Controlled use of these meats or avoiding them is the only way to be safe. Nitrites are the chemicals used to make this meat and they can damage the inner – lining of the stomach causing cancer.

2. Alcohol

Excess use of alcohol is one of the leading causes of cancer. Alcohol can specifically cause cancer of the liver and esophagus. Alcohol contains empty calories which increases the calorie intake and also causing an increase in cell and tissue size causing unwanted extra cell growth or in short causing tumors. Men are more prone to prostate cancers, liver cancer, mouth or esophagus cancers. When the body breaks down alcohol during digestion, it gets converted into acetaldehyde which damages the DNA of the human body leading to cancerous growth of cells.

3. Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn might taste very tasty and appealing but they contain some harmful chemicals which can cause cancer in the long run if used excessively. The coating in the popcorn used as the flavor is the main cause of cancer. When heated in microwave these coatings get converted into chemicals that pose the risk of cancer especially stomach cancer and lung cancer.

4. Refined products

Cancer cells have more insulin receptors so the more the refined flour you consume, the more dangerous it will be. Refined foods like pasta, noodles, white pieces of bread, cookies, are high in glycemic index which means they release sugars fast into the body and thus cells also take up these sugars including cancer cells. So excess consumption of refined products not only increase weight but also accelerates the cancer cell growth.

5. Artificial sweeteners

artificial sweeteners used by diabetic people like aspartame, sucralose, maltase, saccharine can be very dangerous if used in the long run in excess. Cancer cells develop easily in exposure to these artificial sweeteners since they are made up of chemicals that are linked to causing cancers. Artificial sweeteners are very popular amongst those who aim for weight loss and are diabetic; however, its prolonged use should be restricted.

6. Refined sugars

Just like refined flour, refined sugars also plays the same role as that by flours. Excess calories by sugars allow cancer cells to grow fast, in fact, supply them with calories and energy to multiply rapidly. Refined sugars like candies, chocolates, syrups, sodas, juices, sauces contain High fructose corn syrup which is one form of artificial sweeteners. This HFCS is linked to causing cancer in the long run and thus is deadly.

7. Farmed salmon

Farmed salmon is usually contaminated by carcinogenic chemicals. Freshwater salmon is the best way to consume it with all health benefits. Farmed ones need preservation, which means it undergoing all chemical and physical changes. Many studies have shown that consumption of farmed salmon cause cancer of the stomach, liver, kidney, and thorax.

8. Hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils contain hydrogen groups attached which alter the cell structure of the whole body. Studies have shown that continuous use of these oils increases the chances of cancer.

9. Canned fruits and vegetables

Any kind of preserves, canned products have a large proportion of nitrates and other chemicals for its long shelf life. These chemicals ultimately alter the DNA structure of the body and invite the development of cancer-causing agents. Over a period of time, cell structure becomes prone to cancer and stomach, thorax, blood, liver cancer may develop. Always use fresh fruits and vegetables only.

10. Beef

Red meat like beef, pork, lamb when digested break down into such chemicals that damage the inner lining of the bowel. This increases the chances of bowel cancer in the long run. Beef should be cooked well and canned beef should be totally restricted. It is the most dangerous form of meat and not only causes cancer but many other health hazards like hyperlipidemia, stroke, cardiac arrests, etc.

Anything in moderation is the key, overdose of anything can be fatal in the long run and if the cancer-like disease occurs then the quality of life will surely get compromised.