Some Amazing Tips to Boost your Immunity During This Lockdown Period

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Covid-19 has spread across the world in over 200 countries and still been impacting hugely. With precautions taken throughout the world to bring the pandemic to a halt, it is surely difficult than ever with the high spreading percentage of the virus.

Countries are implementing lockdowns, quarantine zones to ensure to bring a break to the spread of the virus, but we ourselves can do certain things to boost our immunity and help fight the virus. With no age group susceptible to the virus there is no way anyone can know how the body might react to getting infected.

Factors that affect the outcome are age, gender, and underlying health conditions, but with the help of simple things, anyone can boost their immunity.

Following are a few amazing ways to boost your immunity during this lockdown period

Do not avoid Proper Sleep

One of the most important elements that are usually neglected by the people is to never ever compromise on the sleep schedule. Sleep plays an important role to build up the immunity of a person. So, it is very important to get enough sleep that is around 6-8 hours is absolutely essential.

Improve your Diet

Having a proper diet plays an important role in determining the health and immunity of a person. A conventional proteinaceous diet can help build a nice fit body and shape. Foods and vegetables that contain beta carotene which is an antioxidant are good to boost immunity. Having foods that comprise of essential vitamins for. Example Ascorbic acid also helps build resilience against infections in the body.

  1. Mushrooms
  2. Broccoli, Spinach
  3. Bell pepper, tomato
  4. Ginger, Turmeric
  5. Seeds like sunflower, flax seeds, etc.

Stay Hydrated

With proper food intake that provides healthy protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is also very important to keep your body hydrated. Intake of water helps the removal of toxins from the body and lower the chances of any infection.

Avoid Stress

In this time of the pandemic, it is can sometimes test your patience, anxiety about the situation, work, finance, etc. can all catch up to your mental health and wellbeing. Getting stressed and tensed can lower your immunity which is something to be avoided. Meditation can help relieve stress and calm your nerves. 

Avoid things like smoking, drinking alcohol as it has can low your inhibition and is a major factor of respiratory illnesses.


Another amazing yet simple tip to boost your immunity is by having a moderate to minimal exercise every day. Proper exercise to keep your body healthy and feel fit is a good option in the state of lockdown.

In the time of the pandemic, it is important to make sure you keep yourself tense-free and focus on your health. Lockdown is essential has Covid-19 is spreading so quickly because of the impact globally because of the low immunity of the people.

With proper precautions and diet intake, we can fight the virus. It is important everyone make sure to follow all the social distancing guidelines and with time in hand focus on the improvement of self-health to fight off the coronavirus and other such infections.

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