10 Signs Which Indicate That You Might Have Diabetes

Diabetes is a harmful metabolic disorder that causes your blood sugar levels to increase. People who have diabetes have higher than normal blood sugar levels.

Diabetes, it’s Recognition and its harmful Effects

But there always arises a question that how can someone tell or recognize that he has diabetes? Diabetes warning signs are so mild that most of the patients don’t even bother to notice them. Resultantly, it gets too late, and the problem gets severe and may turn out to be long-term damage.

Diabetes symptoms can be so sudden that a regular diagnosis may surprise you. Early symptoms include higher-than-normal levels of glucose in your body. Glucose is a kind of sugar that is present in your blood.

Diabetes recognition is essential.  Because the earlier the disease gets recognized, the easier it gets to treat it, reducing the risk of complications. Blood tests can show if you have diabetes.

Diabetes leaves several harmful impacts on your health, such as nerve damage, kidney damage, heart diseases, and vision loss. Regular exercise, weight control, and sticking to healthy meals can help control your diabetes.

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is of two types

  • type 1
  • type 2

In type 1 diabetes, the body is not capable of producing insulin because the immune system attacks insulin-producing cells.

Contrarily, in type 2 diabetes, the cells of your body cannot use the blood sugar efficiently for producing energy.

In this article, we will have a look at the early signs and symptoms of diabetes and the importance of early diagnosis. We will also discuss the risk factors associated with the development of diabetes.

1. Frequent Urination

Frequent urination, particularly at night time, is one of the significant signs of diabetes. What happens is that when the blood sugar levels increase in your kidneys, they try to remove the excess amount of sugar by filtering it out from the blood.

So, if you are facing the issue of frequent urination, consult your doctor and get your blood tests done.

2. Blurred Vision

Another sign that may indicate that you may have diabetes is blurred vision. A sudden rise in the blood sugar levels may cause blurred vision. This happens because the tiny blood vessels in the eyes get affected. Resultantly, the fluid seeps into the lens of the eyes.

If this situation prevails, consult an ophthalmologist instantly. Otherwise, the condition can get much more severe, which may even lead to blindness.

3. Extreme Thirst

Another symptom of diabetes is the extreme level of thirst. High blood sugar levels increase thirst, which is exacerbated by frequent urination. The condition might be so severe that even drinking water won’t satisfy the thirst.

So, if you are facing such issues, get your blood tested and, if found any abnormality, consultant the doctor.

4. You May Experience Numbness

Due to higher blood sugar levels, you may also experience numbness in your hands, fingers, toes, and feet. This numbness is an indication of possible nerve damage which may have occurred due to higher blood sugar levels.

Although the condition develops slowly, however, it may be an indication of the possibility of diabetes.

So, if you experience any numbness in your hands or feet, get your blood tested and consult a doctor instantly.

5. Wounds may Heal Slowly

If you have diabetes, there is a genuine possibility that your wounds would heal slowly. The reason is that, with time, your blood vessels get narrowed as a result of which the blood circulation slows down. Resultantly, the wounds do not get the required oxygen, and the nutrients that they need to heal and the healing process prolongs.        

Furthermore, higher blood sugar levels also damage your immune system as a result of which your body finds it difficult to fight with infections.

So, if any of your wound takes longer duration in healing, then consult your doctor instantly.

6. Intense Hunger

Intense hunger is another sign of diabetes. The cells of your body need glucose to function correctly. When they do not get enough glucose, the system gets disturbed.

Resultantly, the body lacks energy and looks for more fuel in the form of food. That’s why a diabetic patient may feel hungry most of the time.

7. Unexplained Weight Loss

Unexplained weight loss can be another indication that you have diabetes. The concept is that when blood glucose levels rise, you gave so much additional glucose circulating in your body that you may excrete through urine.

Hence, to satisfy your hunger, you may eat more and more food as a result of which you may lose weight, which can be a warning sign of diabetes.

8. Feeling Tired

Despite getting enough sleep and being free of workload, if you still feel tired, then you must get your blood tested as there are significant chances of diabetes.

Tiredness due to lack of sleep or intensive workload is understandable. But if it doesn’t go away despite taking proper rest, then you must consult your doctor and follow his instructions. This tiredness might be a symptom of diabetes.

9. Yeast Infections

Excessive sugar levels in the blood serve to be the food for yeast, which may cause several harmful infections. Yeast infections usually occur in warm and moist areas of the skin, such as mouth, armpits, and genital areas.

The affected areas cause burning, and the person may experience redness and soreness. The areas affected by yeast are usually itchy and cause discomfort.

10. The appearance of Dark Patches on the skin

High levels of blood sugar may result in the appearance of dark patches on your skin. These patches appear due to an excessive amount of insulin in the blood.

The patches mostly occur around the armpits, or the neck as a result of which the skin becomes thickened.


Diabetes is a harmful disease. The earlier it gets detected, the easier it is to treat. Otherwise, the condition might get severe.

If you are experiencing any of the signs discussed above, then get your blood tested and consult a doctor. You might have diabetes.