Ginger Tulsi Herbal Tea- Have it and develop your Immunity


What is Ginger Tulsi Herbal Tea?

For centuries people have been drinking Ginger Tulsi Herbal Tea to protect themselves from various kinds of diseases. This is safe and one can drink it as many times as they want. This works for headache, cough, and cold and also helps in growing immunity. It is advisable for children also as their growing muscles need this to fight against the diseases.

How does Ginger Tulsi Herbal Tea work?

As you know , Tulsi is considered to be an auspicious plant and is worshipped in many parts of the Indian subcontinent. It is said that Tulsi serves as a remedy for several ailments. It produces antioxidants which help your body to fight against certain diseases and also proves beneficial to grow your immunity. It makes you feel energetic for the whole after having a long tiresome day. 

Tulsi Herbal Tea for Healthy Immunity this Monsoon

Monsoon has arrived. In this particular season especially, people fall ill, like cough, cold, headache, and also bronchitis. The best way to get rid of these ailments is to increase our immunity. You can develop your immunity only by considering this Tulsi Herbal Tea as your health drink, then you are the one who will be benefitted. This tea contains the mouth-watering spices and condiments in the recipe which will make you feel happy as well as strong. 

The immune system of our body regenerates itself so our drinking and food habits have much impact on it. One can easily make the tea because it doesn’t include any special ingredients. All the ingredients are available in our kitchen. Lets discuss the benefits of having this tea every day. Ginger and tulsi, both are known for boosting the energy as well as immunity. In ancient days, we often noticed that our mothers and grandmothers gave us this tea or solution whenever we were not feeling well. This is purely homemade and you will feel good if you take it. Sometimes, people add some cloves, cinnamon, ajwain or jeera to make it more tasty . It is totally up to you, whether you want to add anything or not.

Recipe of Ginger Tulsi Herbal Tea 

Just boil the water in a saucepan. Add some grated ginger and tulsi leaves in it. Add a few tea leaves in the solution. To make your tea more flavorful, you can add lemon and honey in that. This way you can bring sweet taste in the flavor of your tea. Lots of people make this tea in large quantities and put that in the flask. So, they can have it whenever they like to.

If you want you can carry this to your workplace so that whenever you are feeling tired, you can take it and boost your energy. So, what are you waiting for? Make this tea and boost your immunity so that in future your body can fight with all sorts of bacteria and viruses.