Things you need to know about Plasma therapy

Plasma therapy

Recently, you all know very well that the coronavirus has spread worldwide. This virus is communicable and rapidly spreads from one person to another, through the small droplets of nose as well as mouth. It is a life-taking virus and killing thousands of miserable lives every day. 

Several countries are seeking measures to eradicate the virus. Every country is trying to make a vaccine for this virus in its possible way. But suddenly lots of peoples started recovering from this deadly disease with the help of plasma therapy only. Doctors start giving plasma therapy to those peoples who are suffering from various diseases including COVID 19. This is the best treatment for COVID 19 to date. Lots of peoples are started recovering only with the help of this therapy. 

How does plasma therapy work? 

Plasma therapy is one sort of treatment which uses blood that is donated by the recovered patients to introduce the antibodies in those under treatment. Scientists are trying their best to help the patients to recover from coronavirus by inventing an antidote. After researching they concluded that they should try for Convalescent Plasma Theory as well on serious patients. 

What is Convalescent Plasma Theory?

The function of the Convalescent plasma theory is to use antibodies from the blood taken from those patients who have recovered from COVID-19 and to treat those patients who are suffering from COVID-19. 

The goal of this theory is very simple; the patient who recovered from COVID-19 has the special ability to fight novel coronavirus, as they contain the natural antibodies to fight with this deadly disease. The researchers are racing to their goals that the convalescent plasma theory is the only option for passive immunizations. But keep this thing in mind that this is a preventive measure but not the actual treatment of COVID-19.

How the process of Convalescent plasma works?

It is already mentioned that convalescent plasma is only a preventive measure. The researchers and scientists are using convalescent plasma therapy as it uses the antibodies which are created within an infected person while the patient who is poisoned with the novel coronavirus.

These antibodies are formulated in a patient as part of the body’s natural immune system to a foreign pathogen or in this case, we may refer to the novel coronavirus. These antibodies are highly specific and particular to the invading pathogen and so hopefully it works well to eradicate the novel coronavirus from the patient’s body.

After recovering from this dreadful disease, they donate their blood, so their antibodies can be used for treating the affected persons. The blood sample is then collected to examine other diseases like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, HIV, or any other disease. If everything is fine, then the blood is taken to extract the plasma, the liquid part of the blood which contains antibodies. After that, the antibodies taken are injected into the infected person’s body.

Hazards might occur

●      Probability of Infection:  The experiment might not prove successful to everyone. It might fail, and there is a chance of getting infections.

●      Degrades Immune System: It might suppress the immune system of the patient. The patient might cure COVID-19 but later health might degrade.

Conclusion: Scientists are trying their best to eradicate coronavirus from the world, we have wait till the vaccine but till now plasma theory is the only option.

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